Popular Questions

If you exercise properly and consistently you should see initial results after around 2 weeks of usage. After a month already quite a significant change. There is not limit, you can grow the muscle as much as you want.

On average one pair of JAWFIT lasts 4-6 months. But we do have around 10% of people with very sharp teeth who bite through very very quickly. Don’t worry though, we got you covered.  If JAWFIT breaks we will resupply you free of charge. No joke.

This question pisses us off every time we encounter it. We always compare trying to jaw muscle training with gum as trying to grow your biceps by doing curls with  2kg dumbbells. Yes, you will eventually get there, but it will take you years. So the two main differences with gum are 1) JAWFIT is more efficient by providing a MUCH higher resistance level 2) JAWFIT guarantees equal results on both sides. Many gum exercisers eventually develop a muscle imbalance by chewing gum more on one side than on the other. 

Masseter muscles are the second toughest muscles on your body after heart able to take up to 80kg (176lb). To challenge this muscle to produce enough strain to actually grow it in size you need a lot of resistance. JAWFIT provides that.

Apply same logic as to any other muscle you are exercising. If you stop doing pushups for half a year your chest will shrink. Same concept here. 

No, you should not. Only people with non-sharp teeth can fully enjoy the benefits of the product as for them one pair lasts 4-6 months before breakage. Those who have one chipped tooth, or just sharp teeth in general will have to constantly interrupt their training schedule while waiting for us to deliver replacements. 


Pretty simple, you chew and you jaw muscles (masseter) get tired. You do that enough times and muscles grow in size. Because they grow in size your jaw starts popping out more to the sides giving you an appearance of having a wider lower jaw (a feature people call “masculine”) and also because now there is more contrast between your jaw and you neck a sharper shadow is produced making your jaw look more “JAWFITed”. So what you get is a masculine JAWFITed jawline.

Jawline is nothing more but a shadow produced by your jaw on to your neck, get over it people.

Yep, we are using top quality food-grade polymer. Nothing is leaching out into your body and nothing is poisoning you. Chill!

Just put both tabs on each side of your molar teeth and start chewing. Holes should face sideways.

Nope. If you already have sensitive teeth before using JAWFIT than obviously it will not be comfortable for you. But JAWFIT on itself will not make your teeth sensitive.

We don’t know. We have people who are using JAWFIT and at the same have braces or Invisalign and they seem to be having no issues. But we will not make a recommendation here. Go ask your doctor about it.

Let’s be adults here and  keep a proper hygiene. You don’t share your toothbrush with other people.

Yes, we made it a universal size to fit all teeth. But you know, there is always that 1 in 10 million chance 🙂

If you have bitten through the material and now it is not as resistant and has holes and is just a mess really, write us a message to info@JAWFIT.eu.

Include in the message:

1. Your email address you check most often.

2. Your full name

3. Detailed shipping address with zip code and country

4. Phone number

5. How many times total have you used JAWFIT

6. How long did you exercise at one time

7. Short description of what happened

8. Attach photos demonstrating the damage

*We will ship you new JAWFIT replacements free of charge indefinitely. As long as you keep exercising and improving yourself we are happy to provide the tools.

We do not recommend chewing JAWFIT for too long at one time. Better focus on getting the maximum jaw muscle exhaustion for 10-20 minutes. This is not a gum people, just do your training and get on with your day. 

Yes, yes, and yes again. To avoid jaw muscles becoming too rigid and prevent any joint problems it is recommended to stretch your jaw muscles after you are done with the workout.

It is very simple. Do a workout. Then open your mouth as wide as you can and keep it in this position for 10-15 seconds. You will feel the muscle tension and you will feel how those muscles are nicely stretching out.

If JAWFIT does not work for you that could mean two things:

1. You are lazy and have not been properly exercising on a regular basis. You can’t buy a dumbbell and after some time say “oh it did not work” because the reason it did not work is because you have not been using it. So cut the crap.

2. You have a high body fat percentage. If you have too much of excess bulk around your face and neck than growing jaw muscles will not be as visible in your case. We always recommend lowering body fat percentage as the number one thing you can do to define the jaw.

No, it will not. Spot reduction of fat is a myth that is slowly going away. You can not exercise one part of your body and expect it to be leaner. Body loses fat all around itself simultaneously. 

No, cheekbones are not muscles and our product does nothing for the cheekbones.

Yes, you can use the product. However, consider what our product does and whether this is something you want to have. Using JAWFIT will make your face more square. Ladies usually go for attaining a heart-shaped face while men are going for the square-shaped face. 

So the usage is product is not limited to any specific gender, we just truly believe we have more benefits for men here.

Orders and Shipping

We ship worldwide except for the following countries for which we have constant delivery problems:

  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Cambodia
  • Colombia
  • Israel
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar

We ship through regular post. Right now only Regular Postal Shipping is available. We are working hard to establish also Express Shipping option. 

Europe: 7-14 days regular post.

North America: 14-30 days regular post.

South America, Africa, Asia, Australia: 17-35 days regular post.

* This is an estimation based on previous deliveries. Some countries have a more complicated procedure and some have a faster one. 

3-10 days but mostly faster. If we have too many new orders than this number might shift by a couple of days.

We will send you a confirmation email with the tracking number and a tracking link. Just copy the tracking number, then click “track” and paste the number in the opened window.

Yes, it is very normal. 

Unfortunately, our local carrier does not have a contract with all of the countries regarding parcel information sharing. So for some countries, you will see little to no updates on the tracking number. Please be patient and wait for the product to arrive at the approximate time we specify during your ordering process.

If the order has not reached you within the estimated timing we specified for your destination than just drop us a message and we will figure out how to help you out. 

Please right away message an order number so we could speed up the process and get to a solution faster.

Absolutely. Just drop us a message with your order number and state your intention. If we have not shipped your JAWFIT out yet we will refund you no problem. But if we did then no chance.

No way, what will we do with it? Clean, repackage and send to other people? Once you have used JAWFIT we do not want it back. It has been in your mouth and again, hygiene is important.

If you did not like something and want to figure out what to do, just write to us a message, tell about your situation and together we will come to a solution. We are very open minded about these things and are not greedy at all. So don’t stress and drop us a word.

We usually dispatch the product from our facility 1-3 days after the order has been placed. If, however, it is a pre-order then we ship on the specified pre-order date and not sooner. Please read the website information carefully to understand whether you are placing an order or a pre-order.

We submit the parcels to our local postal service “Latvijas Pasts”. The parcels are shipped to the destination country and are picked up by a local postal service carrier. The final carrier is different for each destination country.

A courier will attempt to deliver the parcel to your address. You DO need to put your signature when receiving the parcel. If the courier can not find you at home he/she will NOT leave the parcel at your doorstep, or in your mailbox.

The local delivery company will put an “unsuccessful delivery attempt” on your tracking. In that case, you need to do the following actions to get your product

  1. Call or go to the local postal office curating your location
  2. Ask them about your parcel
  3. Arrange delivery or physically pick it up from their office

In some cases, they will leave a postal slip note in your mail inbox, but that does not happen in all of the cases. Please do not rely on them to do that. If you do not pick up the product, they will ship it back to us after keeping it for 1-4 weeks. This time depends on the rules of your local postal carrier.

You do not have to pay for customs in 99% of the cases. Our parcels get pulled by customs in very rare cases.

Yes, you can write to us and we will change it, but only before the parcel got dispatched. If we have already dispatched the parcel it is not possible to change the shipping address.

Billing & Payments

Make sure you are using the appropriate payment option and that you have some money on your account.

PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Absolutely not, just click on PayPal checkout and you will clearly observe that you can do an express checkout using your credit/debit card for payments.

For some countries PayPal will ask you to make an account by entering your email and creating a password in order to process the card payment. Do that so that PayPal can protect you if things go south.